Successful testing 1-2-3

How many ideas do you properly test in your organisation per year? Now, imagine if you would test 1 idea per week. That’s roughly 50 ideas per year. Then imagine that you test 10 ideas peer week. To digitally transform your business approach means quantifying your chances. Maybe you will find a silver bullet but more likely you will realise a symphony of details. 

Testing 500 ideas per year will probably outperform any competition, find new customers, increase revenue and grow your business faster than ever before. And it will be performed by your own team, changing their attitude one test at a time.

Necessary parts of your testing kit

1. Team

Cross-competent persons recruited within the organisation. Led by a growth admin.

2. Objectives

Prioritized objectives with clear targets provide the team with focus. Plan which objective to take on.

3. Data

Successful testing is data-driven, don’t start without establishing your measuring points.

4. Idea indexing

Open idea channels and backlogs are good. But you need a system to index them.

5. Agile processes

Repetitive loops of ideation, prioritization, testing and analyzing. High cadence is the key to success.

6. Efficiency

Tools and apps to manage the team, gather insights, A/B test, analyze, visualize data & archive knowledge.

Jumpstart Program for agile testing

List your business challenges

Make a list of your most important business challenges. Then rearrange the list in order of impact.

Step 1
Step 2

Get management buy-in

Make sure you have clearance from any stakeholder involved before we start testing. Sometimes it helps to involve a management person in the growth team in step 5.

Plan your objectives

Break down your business challenge into clear objectives. It can be more than one, make sure each objective has a hypothesis that can be measured with data.

Step 3
Step 4

Decide where to start

Decide which objective to go first, one team should not work on more than one objective at the time. A typical objective cadence is between 4-6 weeks. This is important as it provides focus.

Set up your growth team

Put together your strong, cross-competence team, to work on the objective. Make sure they have time to dedicate to the task and understand why they are needed. One person is appointed Growth Admin.

Step 5
Step 6

Set up your data testing environment

Tools make a big difference in team efficiency. Without the right resources to manage a testing process, the team can lose both time and motivation. If you don't use the North Star app, make sure to set up your own system. And make sure you can robustly observe the results of your objective before you start testing.

Collect ideas

Invite as many people as you can to share their ideas. Make share it is always easy to contribute ideas. Bring in backlogs of ideas, you want lots of them. When asking for ideas it's good to be open what challenge they are for, but don't throw away ideas that are meant for other objectives.

Step 7
Step 8

Index all ideas

Here is where your tools in step 6 become essential. You need to make sure all ideas are properly defined and easy to understand. Then they should all be indexed in terms of where in the customer journey they belong, to which objective they can be matched and provided with an ICE score.

Time to start, plan your first growth meeting

Make room in the calendar for weekly meetings. The growth meeting is about gain insights from evaluating tests, prioritize ideas and plan execution. It's not a brainstorming session. The purpose is to learn and keep the testing cadence up to reach volume, knowledge and impact.

Step 9
Step 10

Perseverance is for winners

Not all ideas or tests will succeed. That is exactly the point of following this process. Compare it to trying out one initiative at the time in long cycles. It will be just as likely to fail too, but bringing the cost of more time lost and fewer insights learned. If you keep the cadence of testing up, you will reach volume. And volume is the key to impact.

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