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Forget year-long budget plans or campaigns. The internet has made markets volatile and disruptive. So in order to keep up with the game, you need to accelerate how you test and implement new ideas.

How tests correlate with growth partner partner

Made the no. 1 position in MS Office store

Made the no. 1 position in MS Office store

Combining innovators, engineers and marketers

Combining innovators, engineers and marketers

Our services

Testing for

Established companies

Break out growth management into cross-competence teams working in a data-driven and agile test process.

Find new customers, increase revenue and get more referrals faster.

Testing for

Startups & innovators

Make sure your organisation is properly set up for rapid growth. Team structure, tools, execution habits and analytical transparency.

Grow faster, make more money and reduce leakage in your customer journey.

Testing for

Marketing agencies

Mix your marketing know-how with a data-driven and engineered approach to creating cross-competence teams.

Approach the full customer journey and help your clients transform digitally.

We cover all your needs

Customer insight

  • Improve value prop.
  • Define Aha-moment
  • Map unique customer journeys
  • Define North star

Idea gathering

  • Indexing backlog
  • Idea KPIs
  • Idea scoring
  • Hypothesis generation
  • Democratic idea generation

Rapid experimentation

  • Weekly testing
  • Team facilitation
  • Cross-competence teams
  • Agile process
  • Focus on impact

Data analysis

  • Statistical verification
  • Single source analysis
  • User recordings
  • User interviews
  • Data-lake designs

Radical transparency

  • 24/7 progress reports
  • Dashboard set up
  • North star metric
  • Idea creator feedbacks
  • Share of learnings

The team of facilitators

Rob Dysell

Growth & Marketing

Tomas Seo

Innovation & Design

Our approach

We focus on adding both by testing and improving every aspect of the customer journey

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